Hard SF : About The Genre

Intro: About The Genre

There are many potential issues dealing with the SF genre. Where do you draw the line between SF and non-SF? How should we treat the subgenres within SF? What are the pros and cons of the mixing of genres and subgenres? How can a "niche" genre compete with the more mass market areas? How is SF different from other genres?

These questions will get different answers from different people. I imagine that different groups, such as readers, writers and publishers are likely to be influenced by their own particular role in the process. Those associated with different subgenres and those invested in mixed genres will see things from their own angle. And so forth.

Perhaps it would make sense to suggest some of what may contribute to my perspectives. I'm a reader that would like to write, but neither has the knack or the irresistible urge. I'm a computer programmer who was always good at math & science. I have a particular interest in fundamental physics and cosmology, but don't have a degree or work experience in the field. I'm middle-aged. My selection of books and my reading speed is affected by needing to listen to audio books.

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